How to Destress – Natural Remedies for Reducing Stress

Stress has long been a normal part of day-to-day living. Certain forms of stress are actually good for you. However, bad stress can escalate and take control of your life if you let it.

There are many ways for you to treat Choosing natural remedies is a healthy and sensible way to get matters under control and to determine what causes your own stressful state, and to prevent it re-occurring.

These are some easy-to-do natural remedies that will show you how to destress and help you relax:

Deep breathing

When stressed, you will tend towards shallow breathing, and taking short breaths. Re-oxygenate yourself by taking long, slow and deep breaths. They will help relax you, and improve your mood. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to calm yourself when a stressor first hits.

Get physically active

Exercise is a well-accepted way to fight stress. It rejuvenates your body and keeps your brain active. Endorphins are released in the brain, which help relieve pain, and encourage a sense of well-being. You will feel re-energized. Running up and down the stairs, doing some Jumping Jacks or a brisk walk could be all you need to clear your mind, relax, and overcome the stressful moment. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just move.

Herbal remedies

Herbs have been used for centuries to help the body heal itself. Herbal supplements are available that will help you improve your mood, sleep better, feel less anxious, and assist in the body’s absorption of vital nutrients. Anxiety, insomnia and other sleep disorders are often induced by stress.


Be careful what you eat and follow a balanced and nutritious diet. Avoid substances that can have a harmful effect, such as coffee, overly sugary or salty snacks, and foods high in fats. Good nutrition is important to fight stress.

We need the right amount of vitamins and minerals and fatty acids to keep our body systems functioning properly, when they are being affected by the intervention of stress hormones.

Eating the right kind of food has a direct bearing on the way we feel, both physically and mentally.

Give yourself some free time

When you’re stressing, it’s often hard to ‘switch off’. Your mind keeps going back to whatever is stressing you out and stays in a continuous negative loop. You need to break free of it each day, even for a short while. Just do something different to help yourself relax. You must go out of your way to turn your thoughts away from your stressors.

Take a hot shower or relax in a warm bath

This is an easy and therapeutic way to leave the aggravations of the day behind. Just the process of getting your body feeling clean and fresh can help ease your mind away from whatever messes it up.

Be imaginative in trying to discover ways to overcome your stress. You need to be in control; to take your thoughts away from your stressors.

Put yourself in the driving seat and take control of your stress. The first step is to manage it when it happens. The second step is to identify what actually triggers a stressful event. And thirdly you must learn how to manage the situation so it doesn’t take over your life and make your health suffer. When you can anticipate the onset of a stressful episode and prepare yourself to deal with it head-on, you will be managing the situation properly.

You need to learn how to destress, for your own good health and long-term well-being. Using natural remedies to reduce stress is safe, easy to implement and effective.