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Understanding Stress – Do You Know What Stress Is?

Stressful thoughts

Stress is more than an emotional reaction to something worrying, hurtful, scary or irritating. It is a multitude of physical reactions taking place in your body that need to be kept under control if your long-term health is not to suffer. We all know what feeling stressed-out means. People are always talking about it. Stress […]

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How Do You Handle Stress?

How do you handle stress? Some people resort to comfort eating, smoking, drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs. Unfortunately none of these actually help. In the short term they might seem to offer some relief but it’s only superficial. They disguise the problem that’s all. They don’t get rid of it or get it under […]

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Is there a Link between Diet and Stress?

Diet and Stress

It might not occur to you that there is a link between stress and what you eat. It’s an important connection not just because being stressed can make you eat in a certain way, but because diet does have an influence over your recovery. So what is this link between diet and stress? When you […]

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Different Types of Stress

Stressed woman

The three different types of stress are broadly recognized as acute, episodic acute and chronic stress. Acute Stress The most common of these is acute stress.Almost everyone is affected by this at some time. It is brought about by recent or anticipated pressures. It is usually manageable and treatable and usually passes as quickly as […]

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