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Deep Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief

Breathing techniques for stress

We breathe without thinking. It is second nature to us. From the moment you were born you knew how to breathe instinctively. You kept doing it. Breath is Life! You breathe not just to put air in your lungs, but to enable your heart to oxygenate blood and pump it continually throughout your body. Breathing […]

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11 Ways to Get Your Stress under Control

We all handle stress in different ways. Some people can take it in their stride, whilst others will ‘bottle it up’ increasing the physical and emotional pressure on themselves. Stressful events need to happen and pass, not linger and remain in your subconscious, where they can gnaw away at your health, often without you being […]

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How to Destress – Natural Remedies for Reducing Stress


Stress has long been a normal part of day-to-day living. Certain forms of stress are actually good for you. However, bad stress can escalate and take control of your life if you let it. There are many ways for you to treat stress. Choosing natural remedies is a healthy and sensible way to get matters […]

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Easy Steps to Chronic Insomnia and Stress Treatment


Stress can cause insomnia which leaves you feeling tired throughout the day. You’ll probably be unable to handle your stress effectively. Sort your sleep problems and you deal with your stress better as well. One of the common symptoms of stress is difficulty sleeping. Insomnia and stress go together. When your mind is filled with […]

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Stress Related Emotional Eating

It is easy to use food as an instant pick-me-up to get relief from the emotional effects of stress. It doesn’t remove the cause of your stress, but it can make you feel better… for a while. And that’s the problem really. When stress starts it usually triggers cravings for particular types of food – […]

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